Green Screening the Web: Snickers and Travelers

Looking at a few new video experiences this morning. One is Snickers’ attempt to assimilate Hip Hop into the brand through a series of short films at, starring The Black-Eyed Peas. It’s very well done creative, complete with green screen action sequences and some good B- and C-list cameos. My only complaint is the UI – at least for Mac — is not too smooth. And if you’re sinking a few hundred thou into an elaborate online video experience, you don’t want that.

Another sent to me today is an interactive experience Fallon created for Travelers Insurance. The In-synch Challenge uses a quiz format and 3D representations of homes and businesses to test the user’s knowledge of various risk factors that could result in the potential maiming of your grandmother, and oh-ho-ho-wait-a-minute, shouldn’t you be insured for that? In seriousness, it’s pretty good stuff and not too pushy. A bit stiff, but hey, we’re talking about insurance here.

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