IndustryDaily SearchCast, June 28, 2006: Digg Goes Beyond Tech; Google Earth & Real-Time Tracking; funny Yahoo-related videos; Google Water & More!

Daily SearchCast, June 28, 2006: Digg Goes Beyond Tech; Google Earth & Real-Time Tracking; funny Yahoo-related videos; Google Water & More!

Today’s search podcast covers Digg’s relaunch taking it beyond technology
news, FeedBurner’s ad plans; Google’s challenge in enterprise search; Google
Earth and real-time tracking, funny Yahoo videos, Google water and more!

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Below are links to items discussed:

  • Social
    News Site Digg Adds New Categories, Features

    Sites that rely on user generated content are all the rage these days, from
    online encyclopedia Wikipedia to social bookmark sites like Digg
    relies on its 300,000 users to suggest important news stories from sites all
    over the web, and promotes those that get the most “diggs” (votes) to its
    front pages, providing a collective view of what web users think are the most
    important stories of the moment. Earlier this week the site rolled out new
    subject areas and tools that make it easier to drill down on the types of news
    that interests you personally and ignore…

  • FeedBurner CEO, Dick Costolo, Interviewed By Business 2.0 Magazine

    CNN Money has an Business 2.0 interview with Dick Costolo, FeedBurner’s CEO.
    The article discusses the challenge FeedBurner had raising capital for such a
    new technology, RSS. It also discusses their recent success and future
    challenges (RSS ads, Google, etc.). Read the article named Redefining the RSS
  • ‘Point
    and Search’ on Japanese Cellphones

    The NY Times covers “Point and Click” mobile local search in Japan on
    GPS-enabled mobile phones using technology from American firm GeoVector. I
    wrote about GeoVector’s technology and the very different user paradigm it
    represents earlier this year. Beyond the intriguing possibilities of tying
    together the mobile and physical worlds, there are two things that are quite
    interesting about the technology and use case: 1) it accommodates the current
    limitations of cellphones and 2) it’s more “passive” than other forms of
    mobile local search. In other words, the input mechanism is more like taking a
    picture than “triple tapping.”…
  • Google
    Not The Leader In Enterprise Search

    Google is synonymous with “search,” everyone knows that, some people hate it
    and some people love it. An Investors Business Daily article reviews
    enterprise search and Google’s role in that niche. The article explains
    “enterprise search is a different animal from Web search,” that linkage data
    is not “aren’t ideal for helping people find specific data on large private
    networks.” So who are the other players the article mentions? Autonomy, Fast
    Search & Transfer, IBM’s OmniFind, Endeca, and upcoming rival Oracle’s Secure
    Enterprise Search 10g….
  • Dell To
    Use Google Earth To Provide Enhanced Tech Support

    The Detroit News reports that Dell is going to use Google Earth as a tool to
    enhanced their technical support services. The new tech support service, to be
    released today, is named “Platinum Plus.” Platinum Plus subscribers will be
    given access to “Google Earth Pro to see in real-time how the Round Rock
    company is responding to technical support issues around the globe.” Dell and
    Google have some recent past positive relationships this just adds to that
  • Switching To The
    Nintendo DS Lite For Me & The Kids
  • David
    Beach Leaves Yahoo For Start Up Wink

    Brian Smith notes that the senior product manager of Yahoo Shopping Search,
    David Beach, has decided to leave Yahoo after five years. Beach confirmed his
    departure from Yahoo on his blog, stating that Yahoo could not provide “the
    kind of opportunity that Wink is providing.” Wink, a social search engine,
    “analyzes tags and submissions from Digg, Furl, Slashdot, Yahoo MyWeb, and
    other services, plus user-imported tags from, and favorites marked
    at Wink, and figure out which pages are most relevant through our TagRank ™
    algorithms.” Should be a fun move for Beach….
  • New
    Search Patent Applications: June 27, 2006 – Searching Amongst Malicious Web

    Microsoft’s patent applications from the end of last week include ways for
    search engines to scan malicious web sites, clustering queries for more
    relevant searches, and extracting feature and formatting information from
    pages. IBM introduces a new query dependent page ranking algorithm, and a way
    to preload the URLs of a site into your history file before you’ve ever
    visited. Xerox searches for more meaningful snippets, Alcatel takes the PC out
    of search, and replaces it with TV, and British Telecommunications describes a
    way to make user profiles more helpful in returning search results….

  • Microsoft Demographics Prediction Tool Interactive Review

    We posted about Microsoft Center Labs once again, but this time I wanted to
    show you, my eight-minute review of the demographics prediction tool at the
    lab. I created a movie of my running through the tool and uploaded it to
    YouTube. Now, before you watch the video, keep in mind that the percentages I
    discussed in the video may be determined as a “confidence” ratio and not a
    simple flat percentage — you will see what I mean. In any case, there is no
    way that has predominantly a female audience, with a confidence
    ratio of 1.00 and…
  • Some
    Funny & Crazy Yahoo Videos On YouTube

    Loren Baker posted some of the funniest and craziest videos he found on
    YouTube related to Yahoo. If you have time to only watch one video, I
    recommend watching the first one. Pretty funny stuff. Other videos include,
    Tom Cruise’s Yahoo visit, David Filo and Jerry Yang commercial, “Yahoo Cubicle
    Craziness,” and some others. Check them out at Search Engine Journal….
  • Marine
    Selling “Google Water” For Military Families Charity

    Boing Boing links to a Marine who just got back from Iraq. The Marine posted
    on his blog that he began selling “Google Water” on auction to raise money for
    The Fisher House, an organization that helps military families in need. Google
    and eBay shut down his auction, “due to copyright violations,” but he still
    has some left over Google Water. He is looking to sell them for a bottle for
    $500 and give that money to the Fisher House….


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