IndustrySearch Headlines & Links: July 3, 2006

Search Headlines & Links: July 3, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along
with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • ‘Point
    and Search’ Redux

    After my most recent post on "point and search" mobile technology, prompted by
    last week’s NY Times’ article on GeoVector’s efforts in Japan, Search Engine
    Watch alum (now Director of Online Information Resources at Ask) Gary Price
    directed me to a number of his earlier posts on mobile search using camera
    phones. In this post he discusses Google’s voice search patent, "point and
    search" mobile technology from Microsoft and several-other camera phone search
  • Ending
    Click Fraud with Pay-Per-Percentage

    In Pay-Per-Percentage vs. PPC, Shimon Sandler points out an interesting new
    paper from the folks at Microsoft Research – Pay-Per-Percentage of
    Impressions: An Advertising Method that is Highly Robust to Fraud (pdf) As
    Shimon notes, the idea is that this type of advertising approach would be
    "immune to both click fraud and impression fraud," and would use something
    called "pre-fix match" instead of broad match….
  • Yahoo
    China To Be Sued For Linking To Sites Selling Pirated Music

    Spotted via TechCrunch, Bloomberg reports that Yahoo China is to be sued for
    linking to sites that sell pirated music. The article claims "about 90 percent
    of all recordings in China are illegal, with sales of pirated music worth
    about $400 million annually," according to the International Federation for
    the Phonographic Industry. A new law in China that came into effect on July 1
    "fines distributors of illegally copied music, movies and other material over
    the Internet as much as 100,000 yuan ($12,500)."…
  • New York
    Times Looks At Google’s Hardware & Infrastructure

    A New York Times article has a detailed analysis of Google’s infrastructure
    and discussion with Urs Hölzle, senior vice president for operations at
    Google. Here are some of the key points I pulled from that article. + Google
    tends builds from ground up versus buying. + Google’s computing costs are half
    those of other large Internet companies and a tenth those of traditional
    corporate technology users. + Critics call Google’s philosophy "unnecessary
    and inefficient." + "Google is reducing cost while maintaining performance by
    shifting the burden of reliability from hardware to software ? individual
    hardware components can fail, but software…
  • Matt
    Cutts Is Back From Vacation

    We all missed him, Matt Cutts has returned from his long vacation. Hopefully
    he can get back in the saddle and begin working on those issues at Google. 🙂
    Seriously, we all miss you Matt, thanks for coming back and winking (blinking
    that is) at us….
  • BBC News
    Features Article On Google Search Spam

    A BBC News front-page article named Google to stay focused on search brings
    the issues of search spam to the public. The article explains how
    seventy-percent of Google’s focus in on Web search and then goes into several
    paragraphs on how search spam is a huge issue. The article quotes Douglas
    Merrill, of Google engineering, saying, "Spam is an arms race," explaining
    that "spammers are highly motivated. There is a lot of money at stake."…
  • Google
    Page Creator Now Supporting AdSense

    Google Page Creator, which I recently reported did not support AdSense, now
    does. Garett Rogers has invitations sent out to Google Page Creator accounts
    from Google, notifying them that they now accept AdSense. Honestly, when I
    read this, it made me sad. Why? One word, "MFAs". Below is a copy of that
    email invitation….
  • Google’s
    Non Search Products A Flop

    BusinessWeek reports that when Google launches a new non-search product, the
    competition "shivers," Google has yet to lead in market share for any of those
    non-search products. Google’s Gtalk is currently ranked number ten with two
    percent market share, Google Finance is the "40th-most-visited finance site,"
    and Gmail "is the system of choice for only about one-quarter the number of
    people who use MSN and Yahoo e-mail." So with all these product launches, is
    Google a threat? Read more at BusinessWeek….

  • Case May Proceed To Court? reports that the case may proceed to court, based on
    this past Friday’s hearing. initially sued Google for a site
    penalty that downgraded the site’s rankings in the Google search results. claims Google violated antitrust laws, "What Google is trying
    to do is take out the competition,"’s lawyer said. The judge
    gave’s lawyers until September 29th to make revisions to the
    complaint. The judge said, "You can’t just file a blanket lawsuit and say, ‘We
    think we’re going to find some stuff.’" Also see news brief at ComputerWorld….
  • Daily
    SearchCast, June 30, 2006
  • Daily
    SearchCast, June 29, 2006

Other Things We Read, Didn’t Blog But You Might Want To Read…

  • No search headlines today because of a light work schedule due to
    tomorrow’s Fourth Of July holiday in the US. Sorry!


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