Search Headlines & Links: October 9, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Cingular
    Wireless Voice-Enabled Mobile Local Search

    More and more directory assistance (DA) is starting to morph into
    voice-enabled mobile (local) search. This piece in the NY Times over the
    weekend describes a new deal between automated voice services company Tellme
    Networks and Cingular Wireless for an expanded service that will offer a range
    of options that are much broader than current DA. Here’s a previous post about
    how directory assistance call volumes indicate mobile search category
  • Coke
    Counters Bad PR With Search Ads

    Coca-Cola Counters Critics With Search Ads from MediaPost covers how Coke is
    using search marketing to get the word out about a court victory where it was
    accused by a Colombian trade union of intimidating and assassinating union

  • Microsoft Partners With Blinkx On Video Search

    Blinkx signs Microsoft pact from Reuters covers how video search company
    Blinkx is expected to announce today a partnership with Microsoft to power
    Microsoft’s video search needs, such as at Windows Live Search Videos….
  • Windows
    Live Search Mobile PPCall Deal With Ingenio

    A few weeks ago Google introduced sponsored listings into mobile search. Yahoo
    followed last week. Now Microsoft has partnered with Ingenio to deliver
    pay-per-call listings into Windows Live Search for mobile. But unlike the
    other two programs this is not being launched in beta….
  • Official
    Google Blog Gets Hacked After Message On Security

    The Official Google Blog was hacked over the weekend, happening embarrassingly
    after Google had just posted about how seriously it takes security. It’s also
    follows a pseudo-hack earlier this year, when someone else took over the
    Google Blog when the company accidentally deleted it….

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