IndustryYahoo Hurting While Google Healthier Than Ever

Yahoo Hurting While Google Healthier Than Ever

The NY Times has an article named Yahoo’s Growth Being Eroded by New Rivals (free version available at ( The article goes through how Yahoo is suffering and lagging behind its competitors. (1) They made a bid at YouTube but those deals broke down, according to the article, and Google “swooped” them up. (2) The new Yahoo search ad system, Panama, is over a year delayed. This “delay has sucked up the company’s engineering resources and prevented it from developing new advertising products.”

Based on my coverage of Yahoo over the past year, it seems like webmasters, SEOs, and industry folks have become less and less interested with the company.

The LA Times has an article this morning that goes on the same theme. If you can’t get to the article, try going through Google News to gain free access, it worked for me.

Postscript From Greg Sterling:

This is not the kind of publicity you want to see if you’re on the PR team. While it’s true that Google has momentum and Yahoo may need a kind of “shot in the arm,” what people forget is that Yahoo is the largest site on the Internet with the most monthly uniques.

It also has a bunch of market-leading properties including mail, finance and local (among others). Mail is also the number one mobile site.

Google, though a very dynamic and powerful company with lots of momentum, is not without its challenges and vulnerabilities. If anything the YouTube acquisition was an admission of some of those. Though, by the same token, Google now has great opportunity with YouTube.

I’m not sure, from where I sit, how many problems identified in the Saul Hansell Times piece are real and how many are simply perceived. But perception does influence reality.

Yahoo is a little like a strong sports team that happens to be in a bit of a slump right now.


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