IndustrySearch Headlines & Links: October 23, 2006

Search Headlines & Links: October 23, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Litigation, Google And Copyright
    The NY Times has an extensive article today on Google and those who would challenge it in the courts. It offers a broad overview of the legal issues surrounding Google, including those coming with the YouTube acquisition, and the company’s attitude toward litigation, which is typically to fight rather than settle. In addition, Charles Cooper at CNET writes what can only be described as an angry column about Google and “Web 2.0,” content and copyright infringement. The article is entitled, “Web 2.0 as a metaphor for ‘rip off’….
  • Netscape’s Jason Calacanis Keynoting SES Chicago
    I’m very happy to announce that Netscape general manager Jason Calacanis will be doing keynote conversation for SES Chicago 2006. This will happen from 9-9:45am on Tuesday, December 5. Just over a year ago, Jason sold the Weblogs Inc. blog network to AOL. Since then, he’s been revitalizing the Netscape brand by transforming it into a social news site. Detractors have called Netscape a Digg clone and got incensed when he offered to steal away top Digg contributors with cash. Undeterred, he said spreading the wealth would benefit everyone. That includes perhaps rewarding bloggers with links rather than cash for…
  • Renewing With Incisive On SES
    I’m breaking away from my vacation briefly to pass along news that I’ve reached an agreement with Incisive to continue with Search Engine Strategies for another year. I’ll be chairing the SES NY 2007 show, co-chairing the SES San Jose 2007 and participating in the SES Chicago show. Here’s the announcement:…
  • Yahoo Japan’s Profit & Sales Grow 20+ Percent
    Market Watch reports that Yahoo Japan’s net profit rose 22-percent in Q3 of this year. Net sales rose 36% to 21.20 billion yen from the previous quarter. Projected net profit is between 13.65 billion yen and 15.20 billion yen in the fiscal quarter through December….
  • Google Tries To Streamline Hiring Process
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has begun trying to improve their well-known hiring process. They have currently reduced the number of interviews from 6.2 to 5.1 people. They have also set up deadlines for when the interviewer has to submit their assessments (within one week now). Google is also trying “short questionnaires for applicants and different interview formats” and “abbreviated hiring process” consisting of just two interviews….
  • Google’s NetPAC Begins Donating Money
    Mercury News reports that Google’s NetPAC has begun handing out small $1,000 donations to three different Republicans. Google has given to Reps. Heather Wilson of New Mexico, Deborah Pryce of Ohio and Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. Google also gave two donations to Democrats, Rep. Anna Eshoo of Palo Alto and Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan….
  • Google Checkout Doesn’t Allow Donation Payments
    Sam Harrelson reports that Google Checkout has dropped Gimme Some Candy promotion that enabled his video readers to donate money to the site. Basically, Google said they dropped the site because the users did not actually buy a real product, instead they donated money to the guy. Many people are upset with this because what is to constitute a intangible product in this case? Paypal clearly allows this type of payment method. Google obviously does not at the moment….
  • SpaceShipOne Replica Lands At GooglePlex
    Techcrunch reports that Google has acquired a replica version of SpaceShipOne. The replica is to be housed at building 43 at the GooglePlex. Why did Google do this? I honestly don’t know that yet. More pictures and video at Techcrunch….
  • Yahoo Resigns Ad Deal With Guardian Unlimited
    Guardian Unlimited has renewed their advertising deal with Yahoo. Guardian is to keep the keyword ads (named hotspots) on the site and also keep the Yahoo search box through the site. A future possibility for Yahoo and Guardian Unlimited is to integrate Yahoo Answers into Guardian Unlimited’s web site….
  • Google Finance Adds Compare, Timeline & More Features
    Nathan Weinberg reports that Google Finance Gets New Features. Google has added personalized chart settings that include News Flags, Dividends, Splits, or Volume on your chart and Zoom levels. Google has also added dividends flags that are plotted on the charts. You can see some of the new features flagged at Google Finance FAQs as “new.” Google was not to be outdone by Yahoo Finances recent upgrade….
  • Grayboxx: A Better Local Search Engine?
    I hear lots of claims from startups about how they’ll improve upon or do better than the competition. Most of the time, those claims don’t prove to be true in practice. Of course if you didn’t believe your own PR, why would you even try? Now a new San Francisco-Bay Area startup called Grayboxx is making similar claims about local search….

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