Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 21, 2006

Below, a recap of stories posted today to the Search
Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged

From The SEW Blog…

  • Tracking
    All The Official Google Blogs

    It can seem like Google adds a new official blog every week, which is a pain
    if you want to keep up with the official statements. Who wants to manually
    subscribe to each one? Well, you don’t have to. Google tells me there’s a feed
    they generate out of Google Reader that you can try here. An OPML file that
    shows all the blogs that are part of that combined feed can be found here.
    Unfortunately, you still can’t go to a single page from Google itself and read
    all the latest posts from the various Google blogs. That…
  • Web
    Increasingly Used For Local Service Business Searches

    Local online marketing firm WebVisible conducted an online survey this past
    August regarding Internet usage to find a local service business. The survey
    used Nielsen//NetRatings’ online panel and asked about behavior within the
    past 90 days. Among more than 2,800 consumer responses, 70% had used the
    Internet to search for a local service business in the past three months.
    (Roughly 78% of the US adult population is online.) Almost 90% found search to
    be “somewhat effective” or “very effective” in finding local services in their
    area. And 68% said they would most likely use the phone number on the
  • New
    Sitemaps For Google News

    Is your site included in Google News? Is your site in English? If so, you just
    got new support from Google Sitemaps. You can submit your news articles for
    inclusion and also monitor crawling stats. More from Google in Introducing
    Sitemaps for Google News….
  • Google
    Breaks $500 Per Share

    For fun, my MSN Direct watch is set to show the stock prices of all the major
    search engines. It only works in the US, and I wish I were there now to
    capture a screen from it showing Google having broken the $500 per share mark.
    AP has a longer story on it here. It’s around $503 when I looked just now. No
    doubt Safa Rashtchy at Piper Jaffray is keeping his fingers crossed (along
    with thousands of Googlers) that it will keep going. Earlier this year, Safa
    predicted a $600 price point by the end of 2006….
  • Steve
    Berkowitz Of Microsoft (Windows Live) Interview has an extensive interview with Microsoft’s Steve Berkowitz, who
    formerly worked at He goes over the current market, Microsoft’s
    advantages and challenges, and how they want to compete with Google….

  • Integrates Yahoo Answers Into Content announced that they have integrated Yahoo Answers directly into
    their content. So if you do a search at, you should see at the
    bottom right portion of the page, a box for Yahoo Answers results that match
    on those keywords. Gary Price has more sample searches and expert opinion on
    this integration….
  • Google
    Beats Microsoft, Yahoo As College Grad Choice

    Online Recruitment reports on a poll showing Google is the
    most desired place for technology students to work for. The poll asked 1,600
    respondents in October “Who would you rather work for?” The results: Google –
    49% Microsoft – 29% Yahoo – 12% IBM – 10%…
  • Can
    Developers & API Save Yahoo From Its Peanut Butter Crisis

    Danny reported yesterday on the internal Yahoo memo that called for Yahoo to
    make cut backs due to them spreading out the Yahoo resources like peanut
    butter. In reaction to that Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo wrote Yahoo’s Peanut
    Butter APIs which is strongly supported by’s Yahoo seeks geek
    credibility. Jeremy argues that APIs are part of the solution to the problem
    of being “everything to everyone.” The article explains that this is
    part of Yahoo’s appeal. I tend to agree with Jeremy’s argument, but as he
    said, “Brad is very right about some things and terribly wrong about…
  • Norway
    Upset With Google News Over Copyright Laws

    Pandia reports that Google News is in trouble again over copyright laws
    overseas. Google News Norway was launched and publishers are upset that Google
    is placing copyrighted images in the Google News home page. Mediebedriftenes
    Landsforening, an association of Norwegian media companies, claims Google
    “cannot make use of photographs without a proper agreement.” This form of
    syndication is in “violation with Norwegian copyright law,” says Dagens

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