A Superbowl Marriage Proposal?

Joe Morin thinks he’s got the next Million Dollar Home page mixed with
romance going. To wit: someone named JP (to stay secret from his girlfriend)
wants to make his wedding proposal in a TV commercial during next year’s
SuperBowl. Joe’s hoping that somehow,
search and interactive marketers can make it happen. Joe’s post with details is

; the proposal site itself is
. Since the ads are

all sold
already, it’s not a matter of raising money now but buzz to perhaps
get JP linked up with an existing advertiser that might want to feature him.
Good luck, JP — and she’d better say yes!

I’ll throw out a consolation prize that I know search marketers can do. Let’s
link over to the site with the words “will you” – like this:
will you. Perhaps some link love
will mean that JP can sit his girlfriend down in front of a computer and have
her type that into Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask to find his site ranking tops.
And if he sees it getting there, just change the title tag to read something
like “Marry Me [INSERT GIRLFRIEND’S NAME],” and that’s not a bad way to propose
at all. Kind of how Barry
did just over a
year ago with Ask — but this time without the search engine having to make it

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