Yahoo! Organic Rankings Update Confirmed

Yahoo! has been updating its organic search results database since Sunday night and states they will complete the process by the end of today, December 13, 2006. Initial feedback is naturally louder on the negative side, but the topic is being discussed in various areas, including the Yahoo! Search Blog announcement from Tim Mayer.

Tim had actually commented on the story earlier at the WebmasterWorld Forums, under his sneaky alias of “Tim” in this thread about the latest Yahoo! update. WebmasterWorld appears to have been the first source indicating there was a shift happening.

The topic has raised some questions in regards to the timing, reminding some of the much maligned and often misunderstood Florida update that cost Google plenty in public relations costs. Barry Lloyd has a good recap of that at the Search Engine Journal.

The bottom line, however, seems to be that the majority of well-designed and deserving sites will likely remain roughly in the same position in the rankings, with a few good ones possibly slipping through. The majority of the noise around most of these updates comes from those that have lost position, and rarely do the good luck stories make headlines. A few of those from past updates can be found within the comments threads at MattCutts Blog .

One question to ask, is will this update affect YPN publishers in a way that Bourbon did to AdSense publishers as discussed in this thread at WMW?

Further discussion also at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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