PPCRohrs Addresses Click Fraud Issues With “Sausage Manifesto”

Rohrs Addresses Click Fraud Issues With "Sausage Manifesto"

In a “Jerry Maguire moment” during SES Chicago last month, Jeffrey Rohrs, long-time SES moderator on legal and click fraud issues, sat down at 4 a.m. on Day 4 of the show to pen “The Sausage Manifesto.”

UPDATE: An in-depth look at the document can be found in this SearchDay article.

The 8-page document, billed by Rohrs as “an open letter to paid search networks on behalf of PPC advertisers,” includes 11 specific requests to paid search networks, which Rohrs hopes will move the click fraud discussion forward:

  1. Talk, Don’t Lecture
  2. Appreciate Our Unique Circumstances
  3. Invest in Proportion to the Problem
  4. Acknowledge that Tracking Alone Is Not the Answer
  5. Improve Click Quality Customer Service
  6. Build a Click Quality Education Resource Center
  7. Light a Fire Under the IAB
  8. Play Nice with Others
  9. Put Somebody in Jail
  10. Create a Cllck Fraud Perp Registry
  11. Put Your Data Where Your PR Is

“I’ve tried to formulate specific requests to the networks that are drawn from real advertiser concerns/complaints. Admittedly, some of the requests are based on advertiser perception more that marketplace realities,” Rohrs told SEW. “My belief, however, is that the networks must accept the fact that much of this issue is now driven by factors that are out of their control and, as a result, they must focus on improving the things they can control — data disclosure, collaborative solutions, and customer service.”


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