New Search Ad Management Tools Launched

Two new search ad management platforms launched this week. One, from ChannelAdvisor, focuses on the needs of online retailers. The other, from iProspect, takes channels that were previously optimized in isolation and now manages them as a whole.

ChannelAdvisor has launched a new search advertising management tool that lets online retailers manage multiple paid search campaigns from one interface. According to ClickZ News, the SearchAdvisor product consolidates all bidding, optimization and ad template considerations into a single interface, for campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and

SearchAdvisor allows marketers to manage keywords on a product or sales margin basis, upload campaigns in bulk, track landing page performance and get multi-channel reports. Campaigns on each engine are managed independently, based on the marketer’s goals for each. This will often result in different bid prices based on the relative profitability of Google vs. Yahoo.

From iProspect, the latest update to the iSEBA bidding engine now optimizes a client’s spend across multiple shopping engine feeds and Yahoo’s Search Submit Pro paid inclusion program. While each of these channels, as well as paid search and contextual ads, could previously be optimized on their own, the change now is that these first two channels can now be managed across all channels. Eventually, other channels will be added into the global optimization service.

“We’ve taken this functionality, what’s happening in the algorithm, and can now apply it to anything. It’s now an asset management platform,” said John Tawadros, VP of client services and technology at iProspect. “We’re rolling out with paid inclusion and shopping feeds, but it can be used to optimize anything — banners, ContentMatch, NexTag or anything else.”

The technology optimizes the overall paid inclusion/shopping engine budget across multiple feeds, monitors the results, and automatically turns individual listings within each feed on and off based on their effectiveness at achieving the desired campaign objective relative to all the other listings in all of the feeds. In this way, more budget resources are automatically allocated to listings that produce superior search engine marketing results.

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