IndustryWelcome New SEW Bloggers

Welcome New SEW Bloggers

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our two new Search Engine Watch blog correspondents, Eric Enge and Grant Crowell. Both names are likely familiar to our readers, since both gentlemen have written articles for SearchDay, and have been around the SES circuit for years.

Eric Enge is president of Stone Temple Consulting, located near Boston. He will focus on issues like link building, Web analytics, and vertical search. He is also a co-founder of Moving Traffic, the publisher of City Town Info and Custom Search Guide. You’ve also likely seen some of our posts linking to interviews on his excellent Stone Temple Blog.

Grant Crowell is CEO and creative director of Grantastic Designs, a full-service SEM and design firm outside of Chicago. He has an extensive professional graphics background, along with years of professional experience in the fields of public relations and publications, including private enterprise, state government projects, and non-profit organizations. Grant will share some blogging duties on multimedia and search with Amanda Watlington, and also focus on other general search topics.


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