Sproose to show ‘subject expert’ information in search results

Bob Pack, CEO for Sproose, a personalized social networking search engine with user-ranked results, spent some time with me in an interview, detailing his company’s plans for a ‘Wiki-style subject expert social networking system’ to be included in Sproose’s search results pages.

“The subject expert will be able to have a Wiki-style page of information based on the topic or keyword.” explains Bob. “That person will become a subject expert for that keyword or topic. Others will be able to join, write and edit about that keyword or topic. That information will be tied into web keyword search.”

“For example, when you do a keyword search for ‘mustang cars’ – you not only get a web index of search results; you’ll get the subject expert’s information, where the users in the Sproose community can contribute self-published information… That is something in the next phase of our social networking aspect more than just search, but it does allow users to contribute to the search.”

Pack plans for the new system to be rolled out over the next 90 days.

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