Adify To Provide Ads for Washington Post, Newsweek

Adify’s “Build Your Own Network” ad platform will be used by the Washington Post and Newsweek for their online publications.

The company will provide advertisers for Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive blogroll initiative.

Jeff Burkett, director of business development for WPNI, said, “This type of endeavor – combining our ad space with that of third-party publishers into new ad units – is a media industry first and we sought a partner that could remove the complexity of quickly getting it off the ground. With Adify, we started with a solid foundation and needed only to focus on our core competencies of identifying the right content for our readership and attracting advertisers.”

Larry Braitman, Co-founder and CEO of Adify, added, “In a highly fragmented media environment, established media brands like Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive have a unique opportunity to help consumers discover new, high quality third-party content that builds on the value they already deliver. By leveraging Adify’s Build Your Own Network platform, these brands can extend this value and create exciting new advertising offerings, while enabling small publishers to reach new readers and advertisers.”

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