LookSmart Goes Offline

I needed to check something at LookSmart today around noon EST – site would not load.

I reached out to a few other people in NYC and they all could not get access… hmmm interesting. So I got in touch with people through Gmail and found out it was not reachable in London or Hong Kong.

Now they had my interest. So I called – a bit of a panic over there…. one guy saying it was a production problem… well when the site is not live yeah the people in production are running around like maniacs… I know it has happened to our site.

The funny thing is no one had it online yet…. though there was one story that I thought was about this but turned out to be something completely different.

The Mail and Guardian Online had the top story when searching Google News: Searching for LookSmart was the story’s title….

The Story starts: “A small blackboard and a pointed archaeologist’s trowel lay on top of pauper’s grave number 5 910 in Mamelodi West cemetery where Looksmart …………………….. GETS YOUR ATTENTION but finishes ………………Ngudle’s family hoped to find his remains”.

I have had a call and as soon as the problem is fixed they will be back. I will update when they call me back….

Glad it wasn’t in that pauper’s grave – though it would have made a much more interesting story!

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