TV Fans Can Now Reach for blinkx Remote

Video search engine blinkx has just introduced a tool, blinkx Remote that will let TV users find full-length TV programming available on the Web. The tools uses blinkx’s speech to text recognition algorithm to identify TV shows by season and episode. The results are supplemented with information from several online sources including the Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database.

With television networks rushing to make their programs available to Internet audiences, this is a timely launch. The tool makes it easier for viewers to go beyond the clips currently available by giving preference in the results to the full-length versions. If a user specifies an episode from a specific season, blinkx Remote can retrieve it. The searcher then has the option to watch the episode online or download it, if it is available, from sites such as Amazon and iTunes. It is even possible for the user to send it to their TiVo. Since blinkx has indexed over seven million hours of video and audio content, TV fans should be able to sit back and use the blinkx Remote to look for their favorite shows.

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