iProspect Launches in Norway and Denmark

iProspect, the search marketing firm, added iProspect Norway and iProspect Denmark creating the largest search marketing network in Scandinavia. This follows their recent moves in Spain.

The press release said:

Forging ahead with its global brand expansion, iProspect adds these two new locations to a list that already includes agencies in Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The search engine marketing firm’s plans for worldwide expansion will bring their experience and expertise to major markets.

“We are very excited about the opening of these two new offices,” said Robert Murray, President, iProspect U.S. “Both iProspect Norway and iProspect Denmark are strong players in competitive markets. As iProspect agencies, they’re clients will benefit greatly from our proprietary tools, process and best practices.”

iProspect Norway currently works with an impressive roster of clients including: Expedia, Hotels.com and Dell. “Without question, the iProspect brand is globally recognized as the leader in the search marketing field,” said Sander Alten, Director of Search Engine Marketing at iProspect Norway. “Quite simply, it has become synonymous with excellence and impressive results.” Alten continued, “We are excited about being a part of the iProspect family, and bringing all it has to offer to our clients. Considering our indepth local knowledge, combined with our access to iProspect’s sophisticated tools and techniques, I am confident we are now positioned to offer clients a significant advantage over the competition.”

Located in Copenhagen, iProspect Denmark has a client roster that includes GE Money Bank, Telia, and Dell. “We are truly excited about becoming an iProspect agency,” said Uffe Henriksen, Managing Director of iProspect Denmark. “iProspect has a reputation for exceeding client expectations. We share in their commitment to excellence, and their drive to deliver results.” Henriksen continued, “I have been entirely impressed with the firm’s knowledge and expertise, as well as the proprietary tools and comprehensive professional development that we will be using to produce results for clients. Our clients will reap great benefit from what we now bring to the table as iProspect Denmark.”

Acquired by London-based Aegis plc in December of 2005, iProspect U.S. counsels many of the world’s largest brands on both natural search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. The firm’s expansion into global markets also offers its U.S. based clients a distinct advantage.

“Our firm works with some of the largest and most recognized brands in the world, many of whom have global search needs,” explained Murray. “With our worldwide expansion, iProspect can now deliver a seamless global search solution that reduces the inefficiencies that often occur when marketers try to work with multiple search marketing vendors in numerous countries.” Murray continued, “By having iProspect offices in major international markets, our U.S. clients get the best of both worlds — local market knowledge combined with sophisticated tools and techniques. Together, it’s a combination that provides significant benefits to our clients.”

Founded in 1996, iProspect’s global brand expansion is designed to answer the demands of global marketers everywhere.

“Today, search engine marketing is a global endeavor for most large companies,” said Fredrick Marckini, Founder of iProspect and Chief Global Search Officer, Isobar. “And as marketers increasingly navigate a global playing field, they are plagued with two problems — inconsistency of service and inefficiency. iProspect’s worldwide expansion remedies both challenges. With the international expansion of iProspect, marketers have access to a seamless global solution that delivers consistent superior performance across an ever increasing number of international markets.”

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