IndustryYahoo Photos Shutting Down, But Who’s Telling the Users?

Yahoo Photos Shutting Down, But Who's Telling the Users?

Yahoo is shutting down its Yahoo Photos service, and encouraging users to migrate to its Flickr photo-sharing service, according to TechCrunch, USA Today, and other media outlets. The two services were among the overlaps in service mentioned by Brad Garlinghouse in his infamous Peanut Butter Manifesto.

The problem is, there’s no mention of these changes yet on either the Flickr home page or Yahoo Photos, or on any official Yahoo blogs. That’s no way to keep users happy, especially when you’re about to force big changes on them by taking away a service they use and love. According to comScore, Yahoo Photos had 31.1 million visitors in March, while Flickr had 28.5 million.

The reports indicate that Yahoo will give users a choice of migrating to competitors’ platforms as well as Flickr. It would seem that they’ve made that decision a bit easier for some users by the way they’ve mishandled this move.

UPDATE: Still no mention on the Yahoo Photos page as of Friday afternoon, but Yahoo informs me that they have posted a Q&A on the Yahoo Photos help page. That page says that Yahoo will begin the process of closing later this summer and will officially close this fall.


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