IndustrySearch Headlines & Links: May 21, 2007

Search Headlines & Links: May 21, 2007

Want a snapshot of the day’s search marketing news? Here we’ve collected today’s top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • Chasing the Long Tail
    Looking at the real search terms entered by people really reveals something about the human mind. And, man, the human mind is all over the place.
  • Will Ad Targeting Change?
    ow that the ad network/server companies are shifting around, we should make our online ad targeting dreams come true.
  • Google Cracking Down on AdSense Arbitrage
    Several AdSense publishers have received notice that their AdSense arbitrage sites are being kicked out of the program as of June 1.
  • Indeed Testing Pay-per-Action Ad Model
    Job search engine has been testing a pay-per-action (PPA) advertising model, which for recruiters means a pay-per-applicant ad model.
  • SEW Experts: Ego Bidding Gone Wild
    In today’s Search Ads column, Tony Wright talks about the danger of ego-bidding and how to stop a client from bidding their business into the ground.
  • Winning on Digg Podcast
    Eric Enge and Neil Patel have created a second podcast focused on becoming a top Digg user, and how to get content to the Digg home page.
  • Google Adds Neighborhood Search
    Google has added a neighborhood search capability for 50 U.S. cities, catching up with sites like, Trulia and Yelp.
  • Who Said It…
    After major ownership changes have been announced in the online ad business, let’s try to match the players with these “unquoted reasons” for the moves.

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