Winning on Digg Podcast

A couple of weeks ago Neil Patel and I put together our second podcast about winning on Digg. This second podcast focused on becoming a top Digg user yourself, and how to get content to the Digg home page.

One of the most important things to remember about this topic is that with Digg, as with all social media sites, you are dealing with a community. This means that you have to think about building relationships. Building and managing those relationships is the key to ongoing success.

For example, you can’t come into Digg and begin to fling content into the system just to see what happens. You need to learn about what content the audience likes, and become friends with other important users. Becoming a Digg friend means a lot more than just getting them to agree to add you to their friends list.

You need to look at their content submissions regularly, and vote for the things you like. You need to start by giving, and then over time you can begin to get their support. Once you have this process working with a few people, you are well on your way.

You can also listen to the first podcast with Neil Patel. This one focuses more on the mechanics of story selection, titles, and descriptions.

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