Changes at SEW: Moving Over Yonder

It’s been a really interesting year here at Search Engine Watch. I’m happy to say traffic to the site is strong, if not at an all-time high, due to the fantastic work of our bloggers, expert columnists, and SearchDay contributors. News Editor Kevin Newcomb deserves much of the credit for those areas as well, since joining the site in January.

For those reasons, I’m also sad to say, my last day as editor of Search Engine Watch is this Friday, May 25.

It’s been terrific being a part of SEW for three years, from launching the discussion forums in 2004, to bringing the local SEW Live! networking series to five cities, and expanding my editorial duties over the last year, including the recent launch of SEW Experts.

But, I am leaving the site and the daily editing duties in the hands of a capable staff, and wish them the best of luck. I’m also happy to announce that Rob Kerry (aka, evilgreenmonkey) is going to be resurrecting my former role as the SEW Forums Editor, which became a part of my role as Editor, but started to get lost alongside my expanding duties on the rest of the site.

What’s next for me? I’m joining a start-up in the travel vertical based here in Salt Lake City, founded by a few people with long-time search industry experience. After years of agency work and freelance consulting, as well as my time at SEW on the editorial side, I’m looking forward to being the in-house director of online media, managing the content development strategy and online marketing programs for vacation rentals at

The timing is fantastic, as I now get to practice what I preach, particularly as I’m still programming our first SES Travel event in Seattle, WA, July 26-27. It’s shaping up to be a great event, with a ton of buzz from speakers and prospective attendees, the agenda will be posted shortly, and stay tuned to the SES blog for further announcements on the program. I hope to see many of you at that event and others in the SEM conference circuit.

Meanwhile, Search Engine Watch is in the process of upgrading the site, adding contributors and new staff, so you can expect some announcements on that front soon.

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