People Search Makes up 30% of All Searches

Back on May 8th, Google hosted a People Search SIG at their headquarters in Mountain View. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch presided over the session that included:

  1. Michael Tanne – CEO Wink
  2. Jaideep Singh – CEO Spock
  3. Bryan Burdick – COO ZoomInfo

This is another one of those fascinating areas of people search which has unexpectedly eye popping numbers. Data shows that 30% of all searches on Google or Yahoo are for specific people or people-related. I would love to get some stats on how much of that is celebrity-related versus plain old folks.

But you can see that many companies are doing quite well with their people search strategies. In addition to the companies listed above, most people are also familiar with Classmates and its leading competitor Reunion.

This is yet another vertical search area where specialized search tools that access uniquely structured data bases can do quite well.

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