Podcast with Brett Crosby and Avinash Kaushik

After a bit of a layoff, I had the pleasure of doing a podcast together with Google Analytics’s dynamic duo of Brett Crosby and Avinash Kaushik. Brett handles the marketing of Google Analytics, and Avinash is the “evangelist”.

Avinash is a really well known for his Occam’s Razor blog, which is a great source of information about analytics. Avinash recently left Intuit, to become an independent, and to work as the Google Analytics Evangelist.

One of the interesting parts of the conversation took place when we discussed the Entrance Paths and Entrance Sources reports within Google Analytics. Both reports give you keen insight into the flow of traffic into, and through your site. Based on the data provided, you can see if the pages on your site are performing the way you expected.

The key distinction between the two is that the Entrance Sources report focuses on pages that are the initial landing pages on your site, whereas the Entrance Paths report looks at entrance and exit paths for any page on your site (even if it is not the initial landing page). Both reports can provide you with quite a bit of value in understanding what users are doing on your site.

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