YouTube Ads Broadcast Google Laser Targeting: RIP SEM


Google and YouTube have taken the Art of Subliminal Advertising and Science of Behavioral Targeting to new heights. Shown here: a whimsical holiday video starring Juno (goddess baby mama of Mars, Roman God of War) paired with humorous Google homeland security Senate testimony aired on The Google Channel — all seemingly produced by the film studio owned by MySpace mogul and Google content partner, Rupert Murdoch.

Or has Google simply struck a product placement deal with Fox Searchlight for all Google Congressional testimony?

Juno teen pregnancy flick (predictive modeling: Jamie Lynne Spears) appears to get four stars and two thumbs up in this “favorited” YouTube trailer.

Search Engine Watch apologizes to all our holiday readers who received a YouTube Google Video Holiday Card featuring Homeland Security testimony from Google exec J.L. Needham (pictured) instead of the (pirated) Golden Globe nominated flick they wished for.

Disclaimer: Search Engine Watch insists no digital copyrights were harmed in the filming of John Lewis (J.L.) Needham, Manager for Public Sector Content Partnerships at Google, testifying before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on the 11th of December for the sole purpose of discussing Google’s efforts to help make federal government website info more accessible to citizens through search engines, and Google’s use of the Sitemap Protocol to help government agencies.

So don’t read too much into recent allegations of Google Reader’s invasion of user privacy, Google Earth’s internet surveillance, and homeland security partnerships. In the spirit of the holiday season, we urge conspiracy theorists to ask themselves, What would James Jesus Angleton do?

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