LocalYellowbook Closes Gap in Local Search

Yellowbook Closes Gap in Local Search


Local search guru Peter Krasilovsky of Local Onliner fame reported on Yellow Pages veteran Pat Marshall’s move from Superpages to archrival Yellowbook back in July 2007. As the CNMO (Chief New Media Officer) Marshall assumed operating responsibility for Yellow Book’s new media products, including yellowbook.com and search engine advertising. Krasilovsky noted that YellowBook’s website wasn’t really a priority at the company, and one line of business where Idearc had a strong lead.

So how’s he doing? The chart on the left shows traffic through Oct, 2007. Here are the comScore numbers for December:

Yellow Book Network jumped 137 percent to 10.4 million visitors. Visits to Yellowbook.com network sites tripled (up 207 percent to 4.6 million visitors) with the acquisition of a new property.

Yellowbook can’t rest on its laurels. AT&T’s Yellowpages.com has replaced Yahoo Local Search for AT&T’s broadband and Internet customers. (Krasilovsky also reported YellowPages.com recently told analysts it expects to attract two billion searches in 2008, and three billion by 2010.)

Yellowpages.com Network grew by 51 percent to more than 24 million visitors in December, 2007.

Mike Boland of The Kelsey Group explained in SEW Experts why Google, Yahoo, and MSN need to take the IYP threat seriously. Verizon’s also reportedly competing with Google for the $4.7 billion C-block for 700 mhz wireless spectrum, according to Saul Hansell of The New York Times.

For search marketers, their clients, and small and medium sized enterprises, that means online-offline integrated search advertising.


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