Yahoo Says “You Like Me, Right Now, You Really Like Me”

Well, that seems to be the case for both Sally Field and Yahoo.

When Sally won her second Oscar, she felt the love and respect of The Academy. All those years of TV acting, training with Actor Studio’s Lee Strasberg, and towing the line had paid off. She had been cast in strong dramatic roles, and won two Oscars. It was not a fluke.

Yahoo recently felt the love and respect of Keynote Academy. They worked hard, and had ups and downs. Then they focused on Search Assist, and jumped to #1 Keynote rankings for “Search Assistance and Suggestions” and “Homepage Appeal.” It was not a fluke.

With the Oscars ahead, I wanted to investigate other similarities between Sally and Yahoo — and there were more than I expected.

Sally: She has delivered some Hollywood hits, including Smokey and the Bandits which drew $59 million (per Box Office Report). That same year, Star Wars was released and earned $271 million.
Yahoo: They also have delivered big numbers, and drew 2.5 billion searches last month (per comScore). That was eclipsed by Google’s 7.7 billion searches.

Sally: She’s quite popular elsewhere, especially on the small screen.
Yahoo: They’re very popular elsewhere, especially through email and overall portal traffic.

Sally: She had a carefree youth, starring as Gidget and then the Flying Nun.
Yahoo: They had a carefree youth, starring as the search directory and then the portal.

Sally: She is currently single.
Yahoo: They are (well, it is) currently single.

Sally: Sally has remained outspoken and quotable. While accepting an Emmy Award, she declared: “If the mothers ruled the war, there would be no @#$& war in the first place.”
Yahoo: We certainly have heard a lot from Yahoo lately, who officially told Redmond to go away.

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