Online SEO Training Options

As you start looking around for a training course for SEO you need to ask yourself what style of training suits you best. If online SEO training is something that appeals to you, there are many options available.

One of the main benefits of online training is you can learn at your own pace. You also don’t have to worry about travel costs or what to wear to class. In some of the in-person, instructor-led courses, travel costs alone can be a significant expense.

On the other hand, online courses do not provide the classroom style that provides an instructor to ask questions, clarify principles, or share personal experiences. If in-person learning is your preference, then tune in to my next column, when I’ll take a look at those options.

Online SEO Training Courses

SEMPO Institute
A great place to get a gain an education about search marketing is the SEMPO Institute. One of the mandates of the organization is education. Last year, SEMPO embarked on developing a distance learning program for both beginners and practitioners of search. It originally came from the need for more educational resources to be available for its members.

Today the SEMPO Institute is available to members and non-members worldwide. Although if you are considering taking the course, you should know that there are discounts up to 30 percent for SEMPO members. Current pricing is $399 for the “Insiders Guide to Search Marketing” course on SEO and PPC fundamentals, and $1399 each for the Advanced SEO and Advanced PPC courses.

Recently Jeffrey Pruitt, SEMPO’s president, and Fionn Downhill, chair of the SEMPO Institute, were interviewed on Online Marketing with RSS Ray. These two segments, Part 1 and Part 2, provide more insight into SEMPO and the SEMPO Institute. They even bring in a recent “graduate” of the institute to share his views on the course.

Search Engine College
Search Engine College, run by Kalena Jordan, is another great place for online training. There are several courses to choose from: you can take an individual course or a full program they call “Certified Pathways.” Their Certified PPC Marketer Pathway is $695, as is their Certified Search Engine Optimizer Pathway. The Certified Search Engine Marketer Pathway, combining SEO and PPC, is $1,195.

On their site, they offer a sample course and a sneak peak into the online classroom structure. For those looking for expansion in specific areas of SEO, they also offer specific classes in Keyword Research, Linkbuilding, Copywriting, and other areas.

Online Web Training from Search Engine Workshops
Online SEO Training from Search Engine Workshops approaches the training process from the same angle as the previous two sources mentioned, with a $149 Beginner SEO Course and $179 Advanced SEO course. However, they also add a new dimension by offering – for about $100 more for each module – 32 weeks of access to an instructor to help you through the course. Search Engine Workshops also holds yearly refresher courses, both online and in an in-person workshop format at locations all over the country.

GNC Web Creations
GNC Web Creations is a web design, graphics, and SEO company based out of Mississippi that takes SEO Training into a new methodology by building it into Yahoo Groups. By signing up for the private group, you will receive emails through the group that will guide you through the basics of SEO. This is also the first offering we’ve covered that is completely free. That’s right: free. As in no cost is involved. If this is linkbait, it’s very good linkbait. They also offer eBooks on SEO and other topics at a modest price.

Computer Geek Books
Computer Geek Books offers a highly interactive, six week (12 lesson) SEO course delivered online. This offering goes for $250 and is very much in the same tradition as the first few classes we’ve discussed.

Different Rabbit Holes

We’ve been able to hit on online SEO courses that range from free to over $1,000. Some offer certificates of completion and some do not. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Because the world of SEO training – like the world of SEO – is always changing and growing, we encourage you do further research on getting a good base in SEO by taking an online SEO Training Course.

Next time: Taking classes in person. What are your options, and what are the ups and downs?

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