Best Web Site Traffic: PPC vs. SEO (Search Engine-Optimized) Sites


How does your PPC traffic compare to natural search traffic and direct navigation?

New York Times reporter Alex Mindlin reveals The Best Kind of Traffic for Web Sites.

Mindlin highlights a study by Engine Ready, a San Diego-based search marketing software firm, that analyzed 18.7 million visits over two years to 500 or so Engine Ready client Web sites.

The New York Times article reports that type-in traffic was the highest converting and “most valuable” traffic. Paid search (PPC) listings outperformed organic search (naturally). Paid search ads prequalify traffic with brand and direct response ad copy.

Visitors who clicked on paid search (PPC) ads were 17 percent more likely to buy. Plus, paid search (PPC) average order value was about 18 percent higher.

Type-in traffic and bookmarked traffic performed best with a 3.3 percent conversion rate.

That’s not news to our readers or search marketing industry analysts. But if you want to learn how your PPC ads can perform better than others, Jason Miller, CTO, Engine Ready Software, will be featured on a Search Engine Strategies panel on Monday morning March 17 “Creating Compelling Ads.

Chris Boggs, Search Engine Watch Expert and Manager, Search Engine Optimization, eMergent, will moderate the panel and I’m sure he’ll have some great questions about the Engine Ready study as well.

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