When PR Means Public Relations and not Page Rank

Our session Beyond Linkbait at SES NYC has a very different approach to SEO and linkbait – how to use traditional public relations tactics to create authoritative links.

It’s all about how to take the content you have and make it newsworthy enough for other sites to want to republish your content or link to your site. Not just Top 10 lists. Real news.

I’m going to share the Bounce Test video story with attendees. Yes, they are videos of women running in sports bras. Giving this a valid science and research backing and making it part of a serious women’s health issue has garnered some major attention for these videos.

Lee Odden has some do’s and don’t’s on how to pitch your stories to bloggers and reporters.

If you think your business doesn’t have a news story you definitely need to come to the session. Every business has a story. How you find that story and then pitch it to the right news medium is the trick. We used to do it for print and TV coverage. Now we do it for links.

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