Risk Astley and More April Fools Day Goodness

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone, or, as we call it in Israel, Monday! But it does give me the opportunity to be awake (hopefully) before everyone else and report on how the various search engines and websites you generally trust are messing with you today.

YouTube is rickrolling everyone today. If you’ve never been rickroll’d, buy a computer and exit the safety bunker you’ve been living in for the past ten years. Go to YouTube today and just try not to get rickroll’ed.

LiveJournal is following suite by adding Rick Astley to their Advisory Board. They even gave him an LJ page!

Google is partnering with Richard Branson to create Virgle, which will aim to populate Mars.

WikiAnswers is answering a series of ridiculous questions today, like “Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?

Wikipedia may actually be the funniest destination this April Fool’s Day, with their entire Main Page dedicated to jokes and nonsense. All the links lead to real articles, but don’t take anything else serious today, except for news.

Gmail just added CustomTime, which allows to send (10) emails up to 6 hours earlier. Never be late again (again meaning 10 times). Take advantage of Google’s e-flux capacitor, which I’m guessing was developed with Doc Brown.

As more happens, I’ll keep you updated.

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