News Flash: A Google Product Came Out of Beta!

Like a dog owner registering for the Westminster Dog Show, Google has announced that its AdWords API is out of beta. With months of grooming, trimming, obedience classes, and agility exercises, the API is ready to show the world that it is officially the best of its breed.

Google beta services

Google is famous for its lengthy grooming process. There are at least 13 Google products which remain in beta, with many more products being cooked up in Google Labs. The thirteen are:

1. Google Alerts
2. Google Blog Search
3. Google Book Search
4. Google Finance
5. Google Patent Search
6. Google Product Search
7. Google Scholar
8. Google Video
9. Gmail
10. Google Talk
11. Google Custom Search
12. Google Calendar
13. Google Docs

It’s difficult to know just how many Google products and services are in beta. For example, Adwords and Analytics are out of beta, but have new features that are in beta. Sometimes you learn that something was in beta only when it was announced that it has been released from beta. Prior to today, the most recent beta release was Google Conversion Optimizer.

Because of this, we recommend that Google introduce a new search product: Beta Search.

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