Google Docs Dying for a Checkup

The Register reported today that Google Docs disappeared in the cloud computing stratosphere, leaving users hoping for a house call from the Google guys. No word yet on the outage on the official Google Docs blog.

Cade Metz noted that Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets disappeared today for close to an hour, proving that the world’s largest search engine is a long way from perfecting the art of online business applications.

Metz said many businesses paid good money to look at this screen, which appeared from about 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at least to customers in Silicon Valley.

The Register quoted a less-than-thrilled Google Apps Premiere customer, San Francisco-based open source outfit MuleSource. The company pays Google for the use of Docs and Spreadsheets, and it describes the experience as a game of chance.

“As businesses look to move their systems and applications into cloud-based services, we expect them to work minimally as well as if we ran them ourselves,” Mule Source CEO Dave Rosenberg tells us. “With Google Apps, we are at the point of taking bets to see if the services will actually be up.”

We’re not sure the phrase “When clouds die” is part of the official Google server error message.

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