SES Chicago Speakers and Sessions

Before we start talking about Chicago, I’d like to take a moment to once again thank everyone for their participation, feedback and overall contribution to the success of Search Engine Strategies San Jose. I am incorporating some feedback from the SES Faculty, past delegates and Advisory Board (of course) into the Chicago agenda.

On to SES Chicago!

Planning for SES Chicago is well under way and we have already received quite a few requests and submissions. Here’s some helpful information for potential speakers.


Event: December 8-12, 2008
Deadline for pitching new sessions: September 30, 2008
Deadline for pitching existing sessions: October 30, 2008

Speaking Guidelines are here.

The speaker submission form is here.

I’ll give you a hint for successfully submitting for this year’s event with 2 words: case studies. The demand for actual examples of “what works” in search is enormous.

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