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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris
Customer Segmentation and SEO — A Beautiful Couple
Search engine optimization on its own can be a very useful tactic to bring leads to your site. But developing a deeper understanding of your primary markets and using customer segmentation in your content become important SEO considerations that can lead to a higher probability of conversion.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage
Make Sure Your Promotion Is Legal
Jumping into sponsoring a promotion without first thinking through the potential legal issues involved could lead you into trouble. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Luxury Brand Survival
Did you ever notice that luxury brands that have been with us since the dawn of time somehow survive economic turmoil? Ever wonder how they do it? Of course, smart search strategies play a role.
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Yahoo! Favicon Test Offers Opportunity for Increased Branding in Search Ads
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

Yahoo! is testing placing Favicons (that little graphic next to the URL or in the tab of your browser) next to search ads. This is an idea I LOVE because it creates a great branding opportunity without having huge intrusive display ads. Additionally, while the “big three” search engines remain largely …
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MySpace Ad Revenue Drops in Q1 2009
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

News Corp, which owns Fox Interactive Media, which owns MySpace, has reported their first quarter earnings for 2009. The news was not so great for the social network, with a reported 16% decline in ad revenue. “â””Our third quarter results directly reflect the continuing weakness of the global economic climate. Despite …
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Google Trends Releases Embeddable Widget
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

Google Trends has released an embeddable widget that you can place on your website. The annoying thing is that you can’t set what terms you want to appear on the widget. So, I’m stuck copying and pasting code featuring the default terms, which today are the top four contestants on …
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New Version of Android Includes YouTube, Picasa Uploads
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

The new version of Android, version 1.5, includes the ability to upload multimedia directly from the mobile device. Here’s what can be done: YouTube: record and easily upload videos to YouTube Picasa Web Albums: upload photos directly to your Picasa Web Albums Gmail: multiple-thread selection to easily archive, delete, label or mute several …
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Microsoft Integrates Photosynth with Virtual Earth
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

Last year, Microsoft introduced Photosynth, which creates 3D images by using multiple images “stitched” together. A few months later, Photosynth search was enabled via Live Maps. Now, Microsoft is integrating the product to its Virtual Earth. Microsoft sees the potential for the union in the following ways: Real estate. Showing …
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Google and YouTube Accounts are Now Linked
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 11, 2009

When you sign up for a Google account, you get access to a account-level features on a bunch of products through a singular login. That hasn’t included YouTube, until this week. Now, new YouTube signups will be automatic Google accounts. Existing users can link their YouTube accounts to their Google …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

How Important are Links to Google May 6, 2009
Hi There – I was just wondering if you could break down how important the proportion of how good text links from reputable sites are to google, related to good metadata, site’s content, and blog maintenance. I.E.: Good Content and Metadata: 25% Links: 50% Blog Maintenance: 25% Let me know what you think? …
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Page rank question Apr 29, 2009
Hello, I have a question and hope to find some guidlelines here 🙂 2 websites; the first has more than 134,200 inlinks (using yahoo explorer )and the website has a PR of 6 or 7. On the other hand, another website has about 200 inlinks and PR of 9. Analysing …
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Is Every SEO, SEM, PPC Professional Employed? Apr 27, 2009
I’ve gotten a lot of recruiters calling or emailing me with information. I’ve tried to reach out – Twitter, LinkedIn connects – to pass the job opportunities along, but no bites! My church recently held a job fair/job finding skills forum. Plenty of people looking for work – but no one …
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