9 More Google Updates to Shake a Stick At

At the end of last week, Google released so many updates, we had to consolidate them into a single post. This week, the Google factory is busy pushing out a bunch of new tweaks and launches you’ll want to know about:

Webmaster Tools released a slew of updates in the past couple of days. Google has completed its switch to the new interface and launched a new feature: Change of Address. You can also now forward messages from Webmaster Tools to your email address. Last but not least, Webmaster Tools offers an update on the latest goings on with Sitemaps.

YouTube has also been busy. A new update allows users to share videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader. Also, the new YouTube Biz Blog has been created to serve up tips and tricks for advertisers and partners.

Google Analytics has released Urchin 6.6.

A new version of iGoogle has been released for Android and iPhone devices.

You can now broadcast your Latitude location on your Google profile by enabling the Google public location badget.

Mobile Gmail now has faster email address completion and Android devices are getting Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

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