Twitter and the Wild West

Trying to keep up with the latest Twitter applications can be daunting. Dozens of new Twitter apps have come out over the past year. Twitter knew that making its API freely available would actually provide leverage for its own survival and keep the excitement flowing about this powerful social media tool. I recently attended the 140 Twitter Conference. At least 8 new Twitter apps in various stages of production (AKA, not quite ready for prime time) were presented, with names like Twilk, Flaggpole and Jobaba. It never ends folks!

And then I receive an email about this new automated Twitter app called Twitterxtreme. Red Alert! We know how controversial automated tweeting is as trumpeted by such Twitterati like Guy Kawasaki. I noticed Twitterxtreme also has spelling errors and run-on sentences right on its homepage, so it sort of raises a few eyebrows about the product’s value proposition. Although if truth be told, I don’t have a problem with tweeters who send back automated replies when you first start following them (I do it).

But what I hope to plug with each new post is an effective Twitter tool that allows you to tweet without compromising your ethics! I’d like to start-off by giving a shout to the makers of Twitc. This is a super easy to use app where you can upload vids and pics to the site using your existing Twitter account. It acts as host for your media, which you can then tweet! For high-end photographers, TwitC should help you out immensely in getting your latest work up and out into the Twittersphere. For YouTubers, you can easily import videos via URLs. Although still in beta mode, its programming appears top-notch. Once you log-in, click on your dashboard and a list of options appears, allowing you to upload vids, create new albums to organize your pics, and add album names and covers. Give it a try!

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