Searchme Launches Search Advertising Program Out of Beta

In February, visual search engine Searchme began testing a search advertising program in a closed beta. Now, the ad program is officially launching to all interested advertisers.

Searchme’s results offer up images of website pages, which provides search marketers with an opportunity to include more design concepts into their campaigns.

“We’ve basically fused together the best elements of brand and keyword advertising. At the same time, we’re helping consumers know exactly what they’re getting before they click on an ad,” said John Galatea, Searchme vice president of sales and marketing.

As a result, search marketers may find their cost-per-click maximized.

“The Searchme Ad Platform delivers more valuable clicks leading to increased conversions while reducing consumer frustration at clicking through to ads that don’t match their needs,” continued Galatea. “The future of search advertising is visual.”

Galatea is basing his statements on the success of the beta program. Mindshare, part of the Group M unit of WPP, is including Searchme ads in their client strategy.

“We’re doing a lot of testing on the Searchme Ad Platform for a number of different brands. We see some very cutting-edge, unique opportunities and we’ll continue to introduce this to our clients,” said Chris Westmeyer, Senior Search Strategist at Mindshare.

Mindshare isn’t alone. Media Contacts, the global interactive media network of Havas Digital, is also experiencing success with Searchme ads.

“What is appealing for Media Contacts’ clients is the idea of providing a pre-click site-preview in the SERP to qualify the audience and ultimately improve efficiency,” said Rob Griffin, Media Contact’s Senior Vice President, U.S. Director of Search, Data & Analytics. “The innovative format and integration of the ads with the organic content itself allows our clients to be part of the page flow which lends to a cleaner, less cluttered environment enabling better brand messaging at the same time.”

Will you be checking out Searchme ads? Let us know your interest in the comments below.

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