Google Analytics Rearranges the Living Room

Google Analytics has been moving things around, giving parts of the site a new feel. But don’t get used to the way things are now. Analytics is using Website Optimizer to, um, optimize their site. And that means things can continue to change.

But like a good search marketer, the Analytics team isn’t testing everything all at once. Instead, they’re taking it a step at a time. Their focus right now is on the education and professional resources. Google realized that few people were using the search box to find these resources and figured that perhaps people didn’t know about them. (Can’t search for what you don’t know about!)

So, the analytics team created new sections for them. Here’s what to look for:

The Product section has been updated to help users better understand Google’s web metrics offerings including Analytics and Website Optimizer.

The Support section highlights online communities as well as authorized consultants.

The Education section enables users to develop their skills, watch videos, find out about seminars and take the Google Analytics IQ online course and test.

What do you think about the updates to the Google Analytics site? Leave a comment and tell us!

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