Yahoo! Search Updates: SearchMonkey Enables More Enhanced Results, Google Base Accepted

Yahoo! has released a couple of updates to extend enhanced search results. A new SearchMonkey update that enables even more enhanced results. You may remember back in March that a similar update enabled embedded rich media and documents in Yahoo! search results. Not every search would show them, but for web developers, adding a code snippet could be worth the added attraction in results.

Now, the enhancement is being expanded. Product pages, local information, events, news, and discussions can potentially be seen in the results per SearchMonkey code.

The Yahoo! Search blog gave an example of a result for a video game:


Additionally, Yahoo! search will now accept Google Base, a product publishing tool. Five Google Base items will now be supported: Event, Product, Review, Job, and Personals. Those who have Event and Product information can submit their feeds to Yahoo! Site explorer to get their enhanced results automatically displayed.

What do you think of these updates? Let us know in the comments.

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