One Month Old Bing Brags About Success

Over at the Bing Search Blog, they’re sharing a few nuggets of success that Microsoft’s new search product has seen in the first month since launch.

  • Bing Shopping has seen amost 3x increase in site visits
  • Bing Cashback has experienced a 5.42% increase in transactions
  • Bing Travel traffic has increased by 90% month over month since launch. (Remember, it was formerly Live Search Farecast.)

Some advertisers are seeing great things since Bing’s launch:

  • TigerDirect’s sales and order volume has tripled. Both the conversion rate and average order size has increased significantly. Because of this, TigerDirect increased its search marketing spend with Bing by twofold.
  • An IT provider reported 36% higher click volume, 43% lower cost-per-click and 400% higher click-through rates in June.
  • A large wireless communications company received 28% more clicks compared to previous weeks.
  • One PC manufacturer’s (hmmmm) impressions have gone up 46%

The Bing API has been getting some action too. The number of developers using the API has doubled (over the LIve Search API) to more than 11,000.

What do you think about these stats from Bing? Do you have Bing stats to report? Share in the comments below.

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