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Search Industry Reacts to Yahoo!-Microsoft Deal, and They’re Not Holding Back
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2009

Here at Search Engine Watch, we wanted to reach out to the search community to get their reaction to the long-awaited search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! Not surprisingly, marketers, search engine representives, and agencies had a lot to say on the matter. Below you’ll find their initial reactions to …
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Search Engine Watch Experts Columns

SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Re-Thinking Link Building Commentary
Readers respond to Sage’s last column, where he urged them to change the way they think about link building.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin

Yahoo-Microsoft Deal a Win for Advertisers
The search deal announced today between Yahoo and Microsoft looks to be good for advertisers, but it may not be enough for the new #2 search engine to knock Google off its lofty perch.
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SEW Expert - Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy

Using for B2B Leads
While Alibaba is described as an “Asian eBay” and credited with causing eBay to shut down its Chinese operation in 2006, it’s much more than that. And its global domination plan is being rolled out at astonishing speed.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Charity Party Will Be A Blast – Are You Coming
Posted by Frank Watson Jul 31, 2009

The IM Charity Party will be another great event this year. Where else can you find an open bar for 4 hours where you can meet on an intimate level all the major speakers at SES San Jose? The organizers are asking people to sign up through the website so they …
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Search and Community Case Study at SES San Jose: NACA’s Save the Dream
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 31, 2009

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) Save the Dream tour will arrive in St. Louis on Thursday, July 30. Their buses will pull in front of St. Louis University’s Chaifetz Arena at 2 PM filled with hundreds of staff and volunteers. St. Louis is the third stop …
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Apple Seeks to Improve App Search (Without Google?!)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2009

Say you’re searching the App Store on iTunes, but you can never find what you want. That’s because Apple, who has thus far stayed out of the search game, has enjoyed profits from iTunes despite a despicable search experience. iPhone developers have had to get pretty creative to get the word …
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The Yahoo-Microsoft Deal from Searchers’ Perspective
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jul 31, 2009

So by now, you’ve probably heard about the Microsoft – Yahoo search deal. You may even have read my take that this will be good for advertisers. If not, go back and start there, so we’re all caught up. I got responses from several other search marketers saying the deal looked …
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It’s Official: Microsoft and Yahoo! Finally Strike Search Deal
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2009

Don’t adjust your screen folks, it’s finally official. Microsoft and Yahoo! have finally struck a search deal. No, Microsoft will not be acquiring all of Yahoo! No, Yahoo! will not be slicing off search and selling it off to Microsoft. Under the 10 year agreement, Bing will power Yahoo! search, creating …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

more profitable to rank in bing? Jul 30, 2009
Considering the difference in traffic for the #1 spot and the say #3 spot (and everything below) is so extreme, would it make sense to try to rank #1 in bing and compete with nobody as opposed to trying to rank #1 in Google and competing with everybody? Of course a …
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Bid Simulator ( Aka Please jack up all of your bids) Jul 30, 2009
So I have noticed that I can now use the new bid simulator feature on a lot of my clients campaigns. In theory, this is a cool tool. However, I have seen this tool recommend for many keywords, that rank very well and with optimal campaign budgets, that I should …
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internal linking & Google’s algorithm Jul 30, 2009
I’ve always believed any page could only distribute a certain amount of link authority. In other words even if you link out to 1,000 pages from a page on your site you would ‘lose’ only as much link authority (pagerank) as if you’d link out to 1 (external) page from …
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