Long-Winded? Woofer is the Anti-Twitter

woofertime082609.pngDo you like to talk? Do you use more than the average number of words other people use a day? Do you get blank stares and/or smile-and-nods as you go on and on about how cute your baby is? Then you’re probably just a little frustrated with Twitter’s 140 character max.

Don’t worry. A new site is out there to help you update in all of your long-winded glory. Woofer (found at Woofertime.com for all you direct URL typers) dubs itself as a “macroblogging” service that has a minimum of 1400 characters. Don’t adjust your screen. That’s 10 times more than you get with a Twitter!

I decided to take a stab at the challenge of a 1400 character Woofer. After all, I am a professional writer. Here’s what I came up with:

I’m not sure why they decided to name this Woofer. I’m not offended by the name. I first typed in Woofer.com which was a site about audio services, which makes sense. You know, subwoofer. I think the choice of a dog as a mascot is an appropriate, if obvious, one. I’m not totally sure what breed of dog that is. It kind of looks like a Bulldog-Chihuahua mix. A weird mix indeed. Probably heavy on the Chihuahua. Because if you’re going to think about the concept of Woofer requiring a lot of characters, you naturally think “What breed barks a lot?” And definitely, Chihuahuas bark a lot. Though, many would say it’s more of a “yapping.” Which begs the question. Why didn’t they name this “Yapper.” I suppose that would have offended some long-winded people. But really, is Woofer any less offensive? Either way, you’re kind of calling people who talk a lot dogs. Then again, Twitter users are called Twits. I’m pretty sure i’d rather be called a dog. Though, it is kind of funny to think of the “power users” of Twitter as just little birds that hang out at your outdoor table at Panera just hoping you’ll drop food for them to eat. Then again, a few months ago, we took my dog with us to lunch and put out some cheese for her to eat (she loves cheese) and rolled our eyes as she was scared of a teeny tiny bird came along and stole her cheese. She’s a golden-spaniel mix. She’s like 100 times bigger!

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