Google Officially Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange

A week ago, ClickZ’s Zachary Rodgers broke the news that Google would soon launch its new online advertising exchange. That news is now official.

Google is boasting that its DoubleClick Ad Exchange will be a time-efficient way for publishers and advertisers to get their respective jobs done with regards to online display advertising. Publishers will make available unsold inventory and advertisers will bid in real-time. Google handles all the billing and payments.

Google says it has three primary objectives with the ad exchange:

1. Simplify the system for buying and selling display ads.
2. Deliver better performance that advertisers and agencies can measure.
3. Open up the ecosystem

That last one could be a source of contention since it looks like advertisers will be forced to use DoubleClick’s ad buying platform.

Additionally, Google’s not the first ad exchange out there. Their main competition will be Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange. So, while Google is launching this thing by saying it will help both publishers and advertisers get a bigger piece of the pie, this mostly seems like it will give Google a bigger piece of the display ad pie.

Still, there’s a reason why everything Google touches seems to turn to gold, and there’s no reason to think the DoubleClick Ad Exchange will be anything different.

As a result, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some antitrust scrutiny down the line if they do indeed end up with a big chunk of the aforementioned proverbial pie. But for the meantime, publishers and advertisers have a new option in the ad exchange market.

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