Go To SES Berlin Or SES Chicago For “Two Early Birds”

Last week, I told you to go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for “a ranking in the top three.” This week, I’ll continue with the search engine marketing industry version of “two turtle doves.”

Altogether now: “Two early birds, and a ranking in the top three.”

Search industry veterans know that the Early Bird Rate for SES Chicago 2009 ends this Friday, Sept. 25. If you register by then, you can save up to $600 on a Platinum Passport.

Now, the agenda overview of the SES Chicago conference has just been posted. So, you can look over the agenda and decide that this is a must-attend event. Or, you might notice that 11 of the 65 sessions are “Reserved For Late-Breaking Topic.”

Why is this a great reason to sign up now?

As I said last week, the search engine marketing industry changes so rapidly, that you need to attend more than one or two Search Engine Strategies conferences a year to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends.

Greg Jarboe and Mike Grehan at SES London 2009.jpg And Mike Grehan, Senior Vice President of content for Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, and Search Engine Strategies, Stewart Quealy, SES Advisory Board Co-Chair and VP of Content Development, as well as the other members of the SES Advisory Board understand this.

So, they’ve posted titles and descriptions of three keynotes and 50 sessions — so you know there will be plenty of new content to learn — and save enough slots to address the late-breaking topics that industry veterans know will pop up between now and then.

Hey, a number of us are budgeting the same way. I can tell you where 85 percent of my fourth quarter budget is going, but the last 15 percent may get shifted around to take advantage of new opportunities or to counter unexpected threats.

But you don’t need to be an industry veteran to take advantage of the Early Bird Rates. You just need to make your move more than two months before your more cautious competitors.

SES Berlin also offers “Early Bird” rates. At least, that’s what it says on the website before explaining the details in German.

To help us non-German speaking search engine marketers understand why we should attend, here is John Mulligan’s interview with Thomas Bindl, one of Europe’s leading authorities on search.

Thomas Bindl, Refined Labs, previews SES Berlin 2009

With the exception of the “Search around the World” session, which will be in English, all of the other sessions at SES Berlin will be in German. The session are also organized into a Fundamentals Track for those who are new to the field and an Advanced Track for search engine marketing industry veterans.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more reasons why you should go to SES Berlin November 24-2w5 or SES Chicago December 7-11. If you come up with some lyrics like “12 bloggers blogging,” let me know. I could use some inspiration.

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