FacteryLabs Launch FactRank Engine

The search industry has seen a lot of new engines developed moving towards a diversity of specific needs. Recently, “real time” search has been a hot topic with the use of social media in search.

This week a new engine was launched by FacteryLabs – an search technology company founded by Paul Pedersen and Sean Gaddis who have worked at Google, Powerset, eBay, and Skype.

The company has developed a FactFinder API that can be used to combine data from Twitter and Yahoo BOSS. The results I found for various searches may need some fine tuning but the product offers some interesting insights.

Doing a search from their onsite engine gives facts garnered from Twitter conversations and Yahoo search. Essentially you get current discussions and ranked facts about the search topic.

The results are geared towards adoption by mobile search where large amounts of information are generally not being searched for. As Cnet summarizes:

“In a nutshell it goes like this: FactRank goes through each Web page or source (in whatever index it’s searching from) finding semantic tip-offs like declarative sentences. It then cross references each of those against one another, surfacing some of the most relevant ones to the top, as well as factoring in the order of how they appeared. What the user then gets is a tidy list of statements, each of which is sourced and given a level of relevancy based on their appearances in all of the indexed source pages combined.”

The company offers developers the ability to tailor results, so iterations should be populating the web soon. As the site states, “FactEngine will cut through the noise, spam, and porn that convolutes the real-time web to bring you the most relevant facts fast.”

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