AnalyticsiPerceptions Launches New Interactive Dashboard Compatible with Web Analytics Programs

iPerceptions Launches New Interactive Dashboard Compatible with Web Analytics Programs

iPerceptions has launched a new integrated web analytics solution called A&B Interactive Dashboard. The tool is designed to draw out behavioral and attitudinal data to provide marketers a clearer idea of what’s drawing conversions and why. It’s compatible with web analytics programs such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, and Web Trends.

Stephanie Hamel, Director and Treasurer of the Web Analytics Association is calling the tool a “game changer.”

“Today, there is no simple way for companies to combine behavioral and attitudinal data without a tremendous amount of effort and cost,” said Hamel. “Now, iPerceptions is offering a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that gives website operators the ability to flexibly interact with a fully integrated dataset that delivers real insight.”

The A&B Interactive Dashboard provides:

  • KPI Tracker to monitor user-selected KPIs over time (time on site, satisfaction, POV, task completion, etc.)
  • Data Miner to empower users to crosstab, slice and dice clickstream and survey data together (referrals versus POV)
  • Text Miner to enable users to browse and visualize associated open-ended text data and behavioral data (for example, reasons for abandoning your funnel)
  • Benchmarks to track the evolution of the comprehensive website KPIs against the KPI of a self-selected combination of more than 30 industries and millions of consumer self-initiated surveys served by iPerceptions 4Q and webValidator Continuous Listening Solutions
  • Outcome Predictor to enable the user to run priority grids and model out “what-if?” scenarios

iPerceptions is attempting to fill what they view as gaps in current web analytics tools.

“Marketers need to have their finger on the pulse of their online visitors,” said Claude Guay, CEO of iPerceptions. “The only way to do this is to put the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ together, so you finally have context for the behavior based on their spoken intention. A&B Interactive Dashboard breaks down the divides of web analytics to give every marketer a fast, easy and cost effective way to drill down into the full range of data that makes or breaks a website.”

One of iPerceptions goals in the launch of the A&B Interactive Dashboard is to provide additional to Google Analytics, a free web analytics tool. The new dashboard is designed to help interpret the raw data that Google Analytics provides. The solution can provide additional analytics without the costs associated with some of the paid web analytics tools out there.

This could be a great mid-range solution during a time when marketing budgets are tightened or small businesses are wary of how they’re resources are being spent.


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