Newsknife Announces Ranking of Top News Sites of 2009

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This this handed to me, Newsknife has just published a ranking of the Top News Sites of 2009.

The big story is that Newsknife’s combined figures for sites owned by Rupert Murdoch put them in second place at a time when Murdoch has declared his unhappiness with Google News. (Methinks the media mogul doth protest too much.)

The Top News Sites of 2009 is compiled by Newsknife from its analysis of more than 311,000 listings by over 7,400 news sites at Google News during the year. Here are the news sources you are most likely to find in Google News:

1 Associated Press
2 Rupert Murdoch related sites – Times Online, UK / Wall Street Journal / FOX News
3 New York Times
4 Reuters
6 Washington Post
7 Los Angeles Times
8 BBC News, UK
9 Voice of America
10 Bloomberg

This is the eighth year of Newsknife’s “Top News Sites” ratings.

Newsknife’s ratings are based on monitoring the main US-oriented Google News site. Associated Press headed its Top Sites for the first time.

I covered this topic last week in my post, “Living Stories is Google’s Way of Telling Murdoch to ‘Buzz Off.’” But it seems like a great time to play the interview with Jeff Jarvis again. Hey, he made these comments after his keynote at SES Chicago 2009 — but before the Newsknife number were available. And he was dead on target.

What would Google do, Jeff Jarvis, slams Rupert Murdoch over Google’s role at SES Chicago

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