Facebook Unveils Inaugural (And Rather Bland) Top Status Trends of 2009

Facebook has identified and compiled a list of the top status trends on its social network for 2009. They’re calling it “Facebook Memology” with the word memology referring to the study of memes.

The list includes 15 trends and the methodology is, um, interesting. For example, the first trend is Facebook Applications – but that includes updates about popular Facebook games such as Farmville, where users often are prompted to post updates about leveling up or other “achievements.”

Other topics were lumped together such as “sports” and “movies,” but Lady Gaga gets her own category instead of being lumped into “music,” which doesn’t appear. No Taylor Swift? No Kanye West? No Miley Cyrus or Jo Bros? (I’m not endorsing those trends. Except for the Jo Bros. They’re so dreamy.)

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson doesn’t get his own category, though Celebrity Deaths is a trend.

Lastly, the 15th trend is “I” – is that really a trend?

I’m not a statistician and only a spectator of memology mind you, but after seeing the lists from search engines, this one seems a bit, how should I put this… vanilla.

Screen shot 2009-12-22 at 12.33.15 AM.png

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