5 Bing Updates to Know and Love: Data Retention, AutoSuggest, Maps, and Apps

If I had to guess, I would say the Bing team’s 2010 resolutions are to continue growing fast and furiously. If the five updates they’ve released in the past two days are any indication, they’re on track to do just that.

First up, Bing has notified the Article 29 Working Party in Europe that they’re reducing the amount of time they store IP addresses to just six months. Up until now, they’ve held on to the info for 18 months.

Secondly, Bing has added current and trending news topics to their Autosuggest feature.

The last three updates are related to Bing Maps.

(Drum roll please….) Bing Maps has removed the “beta” label! With the removal comes the switch to the Silverlight maps for all U.S. users. The switch will take up to about a week. So if you still see the Ajax site, hold your horses. BTW, before you get your panties in a knot about Silverlight – the new Bing Maps is SO SWEET.

Also with the removal of the “beta” label comes the launch of two Maps Apps, which brings us to our last two Bing updates for this post.

The Local Events app helps you find stuff to do in your area. You can find events by location and/or date and time.

Destination Maps is a sweet way to help people originating from varying locations find directions to a common location. For example, if you’ve ever thrown a party, you know it’s a pain to try and give specific directions to your home to all guests. So, you usually give the address and tell people to look it up online or GPS, right? With this application, you set the destination and then outline with a box the area including your guests’ various locations. Then the application gets down to the serious business of making sure your guests arrive to your party (fashionably late, of course).

So there are 5 Bing updates that have been announced in the past two days. Go have fun with them.

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