Covario Unveils Display Ad Management Software

The San Diego-based company builds on connection between search and display.

At their annual customer conference this week, Covario unveiled their new Display Advertising Insight (DAI), a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for large advertisers to track performance and spend in display ad campaigns. DAI is designed to integrate with Covario’s existing search marketing tools, Paid Search Insight and Organic Search Insight.

This is a smart move by Covario since data shows that a combined search+display campaign is better than search or display campaigns alone.

“We built Display Ad Insight, because it is well understood in advertising that online display programs have a strong link to search behavior and online traffic generation,” said Craig Macdonald, CMO for Covario.

With advertising among Covario’s Fortune 500 clients increasingly going towards interactive, providing full-service solutions is becoming an important reality. Developing new tools like Display Advertising Insights and combining them with paid and organic search tools is a great step in the right direction.

“Mastering search data has turned out to be a boon for Covario, since most organizations use search as the advertising medium by which brand and media effectiveness are evaluated,” said Macdonald. “Today, Covario is working with some of the nation’s largest advertisers to help them consolidate the behavioral data on search and display programs much faster. This is the first step in building out a full CMO Dashboard that provides visibility to advertisers across all media types.”

Covario’s recent acquisition of NetConcepts should help with that goal. Recognizing search in the context of the greater scope of online marketing is key to maximizing ad dollars. Covario appears poised to stay on top of the game with its consistent innovation and goals for the future.

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